Safe and Sound and SLEEPY!

Due to the weather, the final leg of Matt’s flight was canceled.  Then they canceled the flight they used to replace that one.  I got a call at 5:30 pm from him telling me he was stuck in JFK and the best he could do was stand-by on a flight to Boston.  I told him I would meet him anywhere.  Let me be honest, after two weeks I would have walked to JFK to meet him there.

He called at 6:18 pm saying he made it on the flight.  I threw the kids into the car along with a change of clothes and toothbrushes and we drove to Boston.  The kids all fell asleep right away and thanks to the cast of Glee, I jammed my way down to Boston and pulled into the Logan Airport just after 11:30 pm.  It was the shortest and easiest 5 hour drive of my life knowing what was waiting for me when I got there!

I didn’t have to wait long.  As soon as I pulled into the terminal I saw a familiar head running out of the door.  His luggage was routed elsewhere so he hopped into the car and we sped off.

We spent the night at the Marriot in Boston.  The kids loved the adventure of staying in a hotel.  This morning we started home stopping only at Sam’s Club in Augusta for lunch (we were going to fill up on samples but they didn’t have any out, how rude is that?)

Now we are home and I am going to make some grilled sandwiches for dinner (one of his favorites).  I’m so glad he’s home and he’s even more handsome and sweet than I remembered.

Spencer was so excited to see him.  My favorite part of the whole trip was when we dropped Matt off at the entrance to the hotel to book us a room and I left to park.  Spencer screamed “No!  A’got Daddy!” (No, you forgot Daddy!).

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