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San Antonio Adventure – Riverwalk and the Alamo

Last week Matt was TDY in San Antonio for some continuing education.  So the rest of us decided to join him there for a little adventure.  A week in TLF wasn’t tons of fun, BUT a week without seeing my sweetheart would have been even LESS fun.
To battle the “no fun” in housing, we spent a fair amount of our time exploring the greater San Antonio area.  No small feat as it is five times the size of Seattle.
Sunday after church, we drove downtown and walked along The Riverwalk.  It was beautiful.  The Old South combined with Europe.  Spencer spent the whole walk reminding us to stay away from the water so we “don’t fawl in”

Then we walked to the Alamo

A very enjoyable day.  I wish we could have stayed longer at the Alamo, but it closed shortly after we got there (we didn’t realize it was staffed, and it turned out not to be an appropriate Sabbath activity anyway, so I guess it was good we couldn’t stay long).

It’s interesting how significant historical places have a “feeling” to them.  We couldn’t help but be reverent when we saw the room where the women and children were sheltered during the massacre.  I wish I could spend all of my time visiting places like that and learning about their history.

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