Saturday is a Special Day

I’ve decided to change my blogging a bit. Up until now, I blog a few times a week (if that) and write in my journal every night before bed. My journal entries usually consist of just a few sentences with the main message being “nothing much happened today, I’m pretty tired”.

So I am going to stop writing in my journal (since I hate writing by had anyway) and try to blog everyday instead. No point doing double duty.

So today I rode my bike in the kitchen while I watched “No Reservations” on the computer. Then I lifted weights in the basement. Once I got cleaned up and the girls dressed, we headed over to our good friend Aimee’s lake house for the Primary party. The girls go there with Aimee almost every Sunday after church, so they know the place pretty well. Unfortunately, they are used to being the stars of the show, and having over 20 kids there was a bit overwhelming.

They were happy for about 5 minutes and then whined the rest of the time. Here’s Lucy and Emma enjoying themselves.

Right before we left, I was fed up with Lucy’s whining about not being able to get in the water (the ladder was crowded) so I sent Aimee out a few feet and threw her and Emma in the water. It’s a character building experience. Look at those terrified faces. Afterwards, Lucy bragged to anyone who would listen, so it must not have traumatized her too much 🙂

When we got back, I cleaned up the downstairs (much needed) and worked on my alpha some more. It’s taking FOREVER!

Here are some more fun pics from when we were at Aimee’s last week.

We were all alone at the beach, so we stripped Spencer down to his skivvies and let him play in the water (aka try to eat rocks).

Here’s a good one of Aimee and Spencer. Aren’t they cute 🙂

This is Matt holding Spencer in a sling from the 4th of July. I love these pictures.

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