Screw the

Rule of Thirds

Your complete, A-Z guide to setting up your camera and harnessing the light, and taking awesome pictures of your family with the camera you already have.

I Hate the Rule of Thirds

That's a pretty bold statement, isn't it! Especially from a photographer. Which is weird, right? It’s like, the very Arst compositional rule that any new photographer learns. But here's the thing, there are so many waysto make a good picture. Screw the Rule of Thirds is the Arst in an exciting new series for normal people, with normal lives.

Are You Ready to Take More Pictures

  • How many times have you scrolled through Instagram and thought, "I wish I could take pictures like that!" Did you get a nice camera for your birthday but have no idea how it works? Whether your have a nice DSLR or just want to take better pictures with your iPhone, this book is for you
    for just $29

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How Would You Feel if You Could

  • Know how to use your camera as well as the professionals
  • Fill your walls of pictures that you love, of people you love
  • Feel conAdent you could take a great picture even with your smartphone
  • Know could handle any lighting or compositional situation your life throws at you
  • Your price: $29

You'll Learn

  • How to set up your iPhone
  • How to set up your DSLR
  • How to analyze the light in any situation
  • Exposure 101
  • To understand Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed
  • How to choose the right lens
  • How to read shadows
  • How to manipulate your light or subject to match your vision
  • The rules of composition
  • How to capture the right moment

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Copyright 2019 by Courtney Ahroon.

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