Seriously! How hard IS it?

You go to the bathroom in the TOILET, not your panties, not in the car, not on my freshly shampooed carpet, not on the floor at church!!!!

For those of you who don’t want too much information, please stop reading.

Just within the last three days she has decided that she is not going to go to the bathroom anymore. We hadn’t had a pee accident in weeks and had just gotten her to not wait for a pull up to do the rest of her business. Then BAM. It’s like she thinks it’s funny. She laughs and when we tell her to go in the potty she says “Yes! No pee pee in my panties only pee pee in the toilet” and so on. She acts like she understands, has been going in the potty for months. She has wet herself four times in the last 36 hours (that I know of) and just laughs until she has to clean it up. I am ready to pull my hair out! Any suggestions? PS. food rewards don’t work with her. She doesn’t care.

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