Sick Day

I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat. I thought about staying home from church but decided I would probably feel better once I ate something. But after I got dressed Emma showed some serious signs of sickness. She came downstairs, pulled a pillow and blanket off of the couch and laid down on the floor, groaning. Matt and Lucy left and less than 5 minutes later Emma threw up. Good thing I decided to stay home. I just hope that other members of the RS presidency is there. Someone has to conduct and I was the only one there last week.

Last night I discovered that there is a school of cosmetology in Bangor. They give a shampoo, cut and style for $8 and an hour long massage for 20. For $20 Matt said that I could get a massage. I really need one, I think I have a pinched nerve on my back. Cracking it helps but only for a few minutes at a time. It started out as just feeling like I had a sore muscle in my shoulder, but now it’s so bad that it feels like the skin is burning… and another one is starting on the other side of my back. Both in that little area that you can’t reach yourself. The hard part comes when I try to convince Matt that he can be home with 3 kids for more than 3 hours (Bangor is an hour away).

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