June 29


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Lucy has decided that she wants to play soccer in the fall.  So we took them down to the soccer field to see if she actually liked it.
She did.  Very much.
So did Spencer, don’t let the picture fool you.
He was just thirsty.
Emma… not so much.  She isn’t aggressive enough to go after the ball herself, and was sad no one was passing to her.  We could not convince her to run after the ball.
This is how she spent most of the time.  Crying and/or on the ground.
Taking a break to be a dad.
Emma did make a few attempts… but Lucy was ruthless.
Oh baby!
“Here you go, Emma”
“Here you go, EMMA!  She not take it!”
She did warm up to it in the end.

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Courtney Ahroon

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  • I am so excited because I think Lucy and Cortnie will be fast friends! Cortnie also likes soccer (no formal training either) and is very athletic/aggressive. Charlie is getting more so, but has so far been more like Emma. Only in this last year has he come into his own and gained confidence in competing against Cortnie. Calvin is just now entering the "I'm going to throw a fit because I can't play right or keep up with the big kids!" stage. Candice (1 1/2) is still more like Spencer in her simple enjoyment of just being involved.


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