Socialization Redux

I’m sorry for the confusion, I should have said “blindly follow”.
Of course there are times that children (and adults) should follow.  I do teach obedience.  I don’t, however, teach them to do whatever people tell them to do no matter what.
I know that not every one is a natural born leader, but that doesn’t mean that even the quietest wall flower can’t say “NO!” when something is wrong.  Or that a good leader can’t follow when it is appropriate.  I think most people fall in between leader and follower.
My kids know to get in the car when Mom or Dad tells them to but NOT when a stranger does.
Follow the laws of the land, follow your church leaders, follow your parents.  But it kind of goes without saying (or at least it should) that you stop following when it stops being right).  Just imagine how many people wouldn’t have been killed if people didn’t blindly follow Hitler?  How many people wouldn’t have died if they hadn’t blindly followed Jim Jones? 909, a third of them children.  And do you follow your parents when your mom’s new boyfriend starts molesting you?  No.  But those things happen when children are taught to sit down, shut up and do what you are told.
Good leaders know when it is appropriate to follow.

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