Some Things I’ve Learned

I’ve always learned that the teacher can learn more than the student.

This last week I have learned quite a bit about my children. I’ll give you some examples.

Lucy is EXTREMELY contrary. While she is very sweet and nurturing, she also always likes to do the opposite of what we ask. Or, let me explain better. Her response is always “But I don’t WANT to…” or “But I WANT to…” And it doesn’t have anything to do with whether it is school related, chore related, or fun related. “I don’t WANT to go to the beach”. We usually start whatever it is without her and she joins and ends up having a good time. Then we ask “Did you have fun?” and she crinkles her nose, pouts and says “No!”

Emma is a free spirit. And while she loves us all and really loves the games we play together, she also needs alone time. We came across this fact by accident on Wednesday. Then starting yesterday we insert “Emma’s special alone time” in our schedule. She loves to play, but she needs to have at least some time to herself where she can quietly play with toys and not have to worry about siblings either taking them away, or bossing her around. She is much more likely to share and play nice if she knows she is going to have her special time. She has a vivid imagination and needs time to herself to express it. She also has a strange “smart” complex and is always saying that her brain is bigger than everyone else’s and that she is smarter. This started long before I started homeschooling, so don’t blame me.

Spencer is a big boy. He can’t speak very well, and so I tend to underestimate him. I am always surprised at how much he understands. He loves cars, horses, cats and really likes to sing. It’s so funny listening to him say the words a half a second after we do.

And something about Matt. Must be blind to not have notice before now how supportive he is. Not once has he had anything negative to say about this. He gives suggestions, asks questions and seems to really like the idea. He’s getting really excited about me homeschooling now, because we want to move to Bellingham but at the same time, DOESN’T want our kids to go to a big school. He hated school in Spanish Fork. School was much better for him when he moved to a smaller school (56 people in the graduating class). He’s been great and hasn’t once doubted my ability to do this. The only thing he has said is “I know you well enough to know that if you can’t handle it, you’ll make the right decision.” Doesn’t get much better than that 🙂

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