August 25

Sometimes you have to go crazy



I am a fairly level headed person.  I do sensible things like buy black yoga pants and wear solid color shirts.  You could say it’s my uniform.  I’m not an exciting dresser.  I dress for comfort and realism.
A consequence of this is that I occasionally feel frumpy.
Tonight I went clothes shopping for the first time in YEARS.  Something more than just grabbing another pair of yoga pants or a shirt from the clearance rack at Walmart.
I bought a fancy dress suit-ish outfit to wear to church.  But there is something missing from this outfit and I knew what it was as soon as I tried it on.  I need them.
Yes, I am sensible… yet when I look at these shoes, I loose all sense.

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Courtney Ahroon

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  • YAY! I can comment now!! And, I LOVE those shoes. I know exactly what you mean about shopping–sounds like we do the same kind of shopping for clothes:-). Glad you got something jazzy and hope you get those shoes too!


  • You sound like me! I will go years without shopping. But then, you also don’t sound like me, because when we do finally shop for me, we buy about $300 worth of clothes in one whack and that’s it for the next three years. 😀 It’s because I hate shopping so much. Anyway, those shoes are darling! And thanks for coming by with encouragement after our first adventurous day of homeschooling.


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