Spencer's Favorite Game

Spencer’s favorite game is “Tug of War with whatever Lucy is holding right now”. It was pretty fun to watch him play it with Lucy using pillows yesterday. She kept giving him the one she had and then taking the other and just to turn around and switch it when he screamed. They both had fun once I explained to her that he was playing.

And speaking of twerps. Lucy likes to draw surprise pictures for me. While she is drawing, she keeps up a running commentary of “don’t look, mama”, “it’s a surprise, mama”, “If you have to come in here, close your eyes”. That kind of thing. Well, they were both drawing at the table yesterday while I was reading on the couch. After about 15 minutes of Lucy’s “don’t look, it’s a surprise” narration, Emma comes tip toeing over to me (with a twinkle in her eye that looks very much like her dad’s), climbs up on the couch, leans in, and whispers in my ear “Lucy is drawing a mermaid”. She then cackles (literally CACKLES) and runs back to the table to draw.

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