Spencer's First Steps!

I watched in delight as my sweet little boy stood up for a full 10 seconds and was so proud of himself that he proceeded to take one step before falling for a 10 minutes going between Matt and I. He was so happy with himself. He would take one or two steps toward one of us and then fall forwards full of giggles. He would sit and clap and laugh. Then he would lift himself up to do it again. So sweet and so proud of himself!

Matt is spending the balance of the day reading Breaking Dawn. We are almost half way through and OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!

Here are some sweet pictures by my girlies. Emma’s self portrait with Snow White.

Lucy’s Picture of Jesus

Lucy’s Flowers, aren’t those roses beautiful?

Lucy’s Blessing. Don’t you love the little ties?

Lucy’s hearts. I think I found out who can do all of my doodles for scrapbooking from now on 🙂 I can’t make it upright for anything. Sorry.

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