This afternoon the kids and I piled into the van to have them assessed for swimming lessons.
Speaking of massive amounts of water and rusty old vans, it was pouring yesterday.  I picked the kiddos up after my workout and shower only to realize that my carefully preened hair and makeup would be for naught the moment we stepped outside.
But it was not to be helped.  We were hungry.
I stuck my phone in my bra to keep it dry and hugged Jack to me while we made a break for it to the car.  Jack was especially delighted with the rain.
I thought we were safe once we got into the van and on the road.  However I wasn’t meant to be dry for long.  When I put my foot on the break for the first stop sign the water that had been resting on the top of the van was pushed forward by the momentum of the car.  Instead of running down the windshield as it should have, the water instead found a crack in one of the joints of the van and landed squarely (and coldly) on my leg.
Now I love my big old rusty van.  I do!  It fits enormous amounts of plywood, groceries, our stroller AND our kids at the same time!  I love hearing the roar of the big diesel engine and to be perfectly honest, I love that people move out of the way when they see us coming.
But a leaky roof is not good!  I don’t know how we are going to go about getting that fixed since Matt doesn’t have time to work on the van anymore.
But I digress.  Back to swimming lessons.
They do swimming assessments on Saturdays.  The verdict?  My kids can’t swim.
I knew that.  Hence the lessons 🙂
But fortunately they are all at the same level so we can have them all in the same semi-private group!

Isn’t that the best face?

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