Swollen where I shouldn't be

My sweetheart looked at me yesterday and said something to the effect of “Your face is a LOT rounder than I remember it being a few days ago. Maybe the belly balanced it out.” Oddly enough, I didn’t cry, in fact, I laughed. I knew what he was talking about. It seems like my face is twice the size that it should be. I was beginning to fear that I had actually gained more weight then I was willing to admit when my Relief Society President and another friend in the branch both said that it looked like I was swollen. Martha said it was probably from the trauma of giving birth and Liza said I must be retaining water. Either way, it’s better than just being fat. Hopefully it will have gone back down to normal by the time I need to show my face in public (a long time if I can get out of a few more Sundays).

And since we are counting a new set of firsts for a new baby, I wanted to announce that Spencer had his first blowout this afternoon. He is destined to be a boy that can’t do anything half way (it was also his first non-tar poop.)

More fun firsts to come ๐Ÿ™‚

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