We had a wonderful thanksgiving, how about you?  It was actually pretty stressful since I’m pregnant, tired and cry a lot.  I did as much as I could the day before, and I wanted to do more, but I went to see New Moon instead.

I woke up Thursday morning and Matt and I started on the pies.  He’s such a good pie maker.  In fact, he helped me out the whole day, if he wasn’t peeling potatoes he was cleaning the downstairs.  I made cranberry relish with the hand picked cranberries.  VERY good and super pretty.  We also made rolls (Rhodes), deviled eggs (my FAVORITE) asparagus (which disappeared first), apple pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, Nancy’s special stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy and the most beautiful turkey you have ever seen.

I put the turkey in by 12:30, breast side down and cooked it at high heat for an hour.  Then I flipped it to breast side up, turned the heat down and cooked it the rest of the way.  I have cooked it that way for many a year and it’s SO good.  Since it’s the dark meat that takes longer to cook, the white meat is always much dryer by the time the dark is done.  Cooking it breast side down at high heat first helps the dark meat get a head start on cooking and keeps the white meat moist because it doesn’t cook to long.  My 16 lb turkey only took a couple of hours.  It was AWESOME!  So yummy and juicy.  Of course you can’t flip a monstrous 30 lb bird, but my little one was just fine.

I’m SO looking forward to my turkey sandwiches today.  Turkey, cranberry sauce and cream cheese.  Heavenly.

We had a few last minute guests, which was really fun.  I’ve never been a Thanksgiving host before, so it was a first.

Believe it or not, I am thankful for more than just food.  I’ve seen lots of lists so I should give mine.

– My sweet Matt and everything about him
– Each of my darling children
– Our home
– Matt’s job
– Matt’s new job 🙂
– That he gets to go to RCOT for two weeks instead of later on for 5.
– The rest of my family
– I have the BEST mother and father in law in the WORLD!
– That we were married in the temple
– The Gospel of Jesus Christ
– That I can homeschool, it’s a lot of fun
– For Lemon Cheesecake
– Crunchy leaves in the fall
– For running
– That I can cook
– For Deviled Eggs
– For next day turkey sandwiches
– That I can have babies
– For my big luscious lips (Matt’s roommate once told him I had great lips and it TOTALLY went to my head)
– For Lucy’s Christmas Letters
– So much more

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