That Boy

My sweet little boy is VERY clingy and needy these days. He is content only when he is in the bath and only when he is climbing on things that can hurt him. He is almost 16 months old.

Yesterday I was brushing Emma’s hair after her bath, and Spencer acted like he wanted me to brush his too. So I sat him on my lap and brushed his hair (what hair he has). The boy sat quietly on my lap for 10 minutes. He must have really liked it.

He also has a huge gap in between his front too teeth. I can’t get over how cute it is.

He has started to walk a little more the last day or too. It’s so cute, little penguin. But mostly he just likes to crawl.

He calls Sophie “GO!”

He calls hugs “mmmmm”

He LOVES to be tickled.

He likes to put things around his neck and then drag them across the floor after him.

He likes to wear hats and headbands.

He loves bikes, slides and bananas.

Everything is a phone and loves to wear Daddy’s watch (not the ironman, but the rolex, the boy has got taste, and don’t worry it’s not a real rolex, it’s an ebay knock off)

Yesterday he and Emma played tug of war with a blanket for 20 minutes, they laughed, wrestled, giggled, played tag and tickled each other all in the name of a red blanket.

We love you Spencer!

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