That felt SOOOO gooood!

I went for a run outside for the first time in 2009 today! I started planning for it yesterday. Yesterday I would have gone, but Matt came home from work late and I didn’t want to run in the dark. So I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. Then this morning, it started to snow. I was so disappointed. It didn’t last long though, it turned into rain and I can deal with rain. I got my running clothes on right before Matt came home, strapped on the dog and my ipod and blew Matt a good bye kiss on my way.

I felt a little stiff for the first half mile or so, but it didn’t take long to get into the groove. It helped that I was listening to one of the best parts of Harry Potter #5 (the part where Harry is interviewed by Rita Skeeter and then the aftermath of said interview). One good thing about where I live (sometimes the ONLY good thing) is that I have some very good running loops and I can easily adjust the distance within the loops. I wanted to do 4.5, but I ended up cutting off the last 1/2 mile because Sophie was dragging. She loves running with me (maybe a little too much) but she’s been fairly sedentary this winter, since it is too icy for an outside run. I tried putting her on the treadmill once, but it terrified her so much that she only lasted a minute and a half. By the end of the run, I felt like Jillian was telling me to run as fast as I could while pulling on me the opposite direction.

She was beat by the time we made it back. But I was pretty annoyed when she perked right up and ran around the kitchen to eat the cocoa puffs that Spencer was throwing (Matt made dinner). Why couldn’t she have let me do the last 1/2 mile if she had it in her?

Boy there is nothing like the first run of the season. It won’t be nearly as euphoric tomorrow.

It was all kind of made useless when I discovered that Matt brought me home Girl Scout Cookies and ice cream cake.

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