The day, to top ALL days!

Yesterday was QUITE the day!

It started off with Matt going for a swim. I convinced him to take Sophie, thinking she would enjoy swimming in the lake. Apparently she spent the whole time trying to drown my husband. When she was tied up, she cried so much that it sounded like she was being disemboweled. So Matt was not happy. Then when he was pulling into the driveway, the van gave a massive CRASH and all of a sudden, he had no breaks! He managed to park ok, but now we had no van.

We had planned on going grocery shopping in Bangor, so we piled into the Jeep to run our errands. We stopped at Subway halfway there to get some Lunch. When we went to leave, the car wouldn’t start. We tried to jump it with cables, even pushing it to pop it into started (apparently you can do that with an automatic). We ended up having to call AAA and the guy came and helped us get it started again. But we had expected a tow, so Matt had taken off some part under the car to make it easier to tow. And once we got it started, Matt had to put it back with exhaust blowing in his face the whole time. Poor guy. Anyway, it’s a bad starter and need to replace it. We went to Bangor, but didn’t end up doing as much as we wanted because we couldn’t turn off the engine. I got a lot of designing done though, glad I took my laptop as I was sitting in the car a lot.

So we had one car that won’t start and the other won’t stop!

So when we got back to Ellsworth, the first two auto parts stores we stopped at were closed. The third didn’t have the part. So they ordered it.

When we got home, Matt took the tire off of the van to see if he could see what the problem was. The rotor had split in half. Which was a GOOD thing. We had already budgeted to replace those, but hadn’t gotten around to it. It could have been MUCH worse.

So he fires up his motorcycle to run back into Ellsworth to get the rotors. The BMW is blowing smoke and fumes EVERYWHERE! It’s stinking up the back yard, so I tell him not to drive it. So he hops on the Yamaha to make the trip. And what happens? He runs out of gas and has to push his bike about a mile to the nearest gas station. Poor guy.

He comes home, opens the rotor and… are you ready… wait for it… they gave him the wrong one! As he walks out the door to go pick them up I say “PLEASE drive safely! I don’t think I could handle the next bad thing that can happen to our vehicles”.

This is the turning point. He fires up the BMW again and whatever was the problem seems to have resolved itself and he goes back just in time before the auto parts store closes (they were waiting for him). They gave him the right rotors (more expensive rotors) but didn’t charge him the difference, because he had had such a bad day.

He came home took the one rotor off and replaced it, then hammered on the one on the other side until it came off (caked with rust). Fortunately our neighbors didn’t protest the late night noise. He was able to get it all put back together while I made cookies for him. Now our breaks work just right (they had been making noise for months) and they are great!

I really hope church is good today to make all of this effort to get there worth it.

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