October 4

The Days of Our Lives

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I haven’t been very good about posting about our homeschooling.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been good about doing it!  Here are some highlights.

I really look forward to the time when Lucy learns how to smile without looking demonic.

We had to release him back into the wild.  We couldn’t find any milkweed (though I’m sure it was there).

I took this pic during a family field trip to the beach.

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  • I love the pictures. Emma's hair is SO cute. That's a haircut that I would LOVE to have if I could pull it off…. I'm not nearly as cute as Emma is, though…

    Lucy looks just like you. She's beautiful. 🙂


  • Yes, Emma's hair is just adorable! Great pics, looks like you are having a great time. How did you post these pictures, pray say?


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