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The Delights of Belonging to a Small Branch

Has this ever happened to you? We had just started the intermediate hymn in Sacrament meeting. It was one of those songs that no one knows. The entire congregation struggled through the first verse, knowing that there was no way we would be able to remember that tune for the second. Our music conductor just stops conducting the music and says “Hold on Hold on. Does anyone even know this song? I don’t like it. Let’s change it.” Then he gives us another hymn number and we all flip to that page. Praise to the Man, ah, much better πŸ™‚ Matt and I just grin at each other and shake our heads.

We had combined a Priesthood and Relief Society Meeting yesterday. I was to give the presentation on Visiting Teaching. Halfway through the opening hymn, our conductor shouts “Ladies only!”, then “Everybody!”, “Men only!” and finally “Everyone!”

I love my branch.

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