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The Good, the Bad and the Potty

After putting duct tape on his diaper last night, we were able to wake up to a diapered behind rather than a diaper on the floor. Though I observed that he was trying to figure it out when I opened the door.

We put some undies on him first thing this morning and I showed him the m&m’s. Then I told him he couldn’t have any until he went potty. I gave him something every time he tried, to encourage the behavior. It went very well.

He had once accident this morning, he ran into the kitchen screaming “POO POO” and then waddled into the bathroom. We cleaned him up and then I told him he doesn’t get a treat for going in his undies or on the floor “eeeewww!”

For his nap, I put his diaper on backwards, but I should have used tape. I needed to scrub the floor again when I went and got him afterwards.

I put him in undies again and he prompted trips to the bathroom about every 20 minutes and went nearly 8 times out of 10.

One thing that I could have done without was the water being turned off for the entire complex for nearly 3 hours after his nap. Good thing we have a house full of wet wipes.

I went for a run after Matt got home. My calves are going to be SO sore tomorrow. I have these running shoes that aren’t technically running shoes. They are basically a beach shoe, mesh on top, thin rubber sole on the bottom. I am trying to encourage “natural motion” when I run (landing on the balls of my feet rather than the heels) and they have worked WONDERS. I haven’t had any knee or shin issues since I started using them. But since I am essentially running on my toes for 4 miles, my calves take a beating. Hopefully I’ll be able to walk. I couldn’t last time after only 2 miles.

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