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The Good, the Great and the Funny

Good – My birthday was a few days ago. My sweetheart got my hardware for my kitchen cabinets, a banana stand, and the new Rascal Flats CD. PROOF POSITIVE! He loves me more than he hates country music! That’s a lot. Thanksgiving was good. Our turkey was great, the stuffing was divine and my girls even ate everything on their plates.

Great – I got a check from Hatched on MDI yesterday. THEY SOLD ONE OF MY SLINGS! Can you believe it? I’m selling slings in a STORE!

Funny – Emma covers her ears when she is scared. Emma says “Mommy, aya favate Coatney” and “Daddy, aya favate boy.” And her favorite pass time is running around screaming at the top of her lungs “I love you too, I love you too” But it is so fast that it sounds like one word ” Iloveootoo, iloveootoo!”

Not so funny – I’m potty training Emma today, wish me luck!

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