The Gym

This morning Matt took off for a run over at the fitness center.  He called me shortly after that to say that they had a “family exercise room”.  So I gathered up the kiddos and we went to join him.  A treadmill, two elliptical trainers, something else similar to an elliptical, and a recumbent bike (which leans back so it’s easy on my belly.  Over on the side is a tiny little table with tiny little chairs.  And two glassed off portions with gymnastics mats, and foam blocks for the kids to play with.  Lucy practiced her handstands on one half while Spencer and Emma made towers on the other.  There is also a TV (we put on the disney channel).  Weights and a stretching Matt and weight bench.  The only thing it could use was some books for the kids. It may take a couple tries, but we could easily pack up some of the kids school books and the girls could work on that while I work out (or at least try).

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