There is a nip in the air.

Overnight, Summer is gone. This morning I put on pants, not because all of my shorts and capris were dirty, but because I was chilly. I woke up chilly, even though I was sandwiched between a big man and a little girl. We were all huddled for extra warmth, but it wasn’t enough. And while I will not miss the slimy coat of sweat that appears on my skin two minutes after I get out of the shower, and the resulting acne, it is the first time in my life that I am not happy to have fall on it’s way. Usually I am more than eager for my afternoon runs to feel nice and cool. I love looking at the leaves and I especially love the sound that the fallen leaves make when you walk on them. I’m always in anticipation of the first snow and our first batch of snow ice cream. But this year is different.

Summer didn’t come until the beginning of August. Now it is already gone and the month isn’t even over yet. We have a primary activity planned for this weekend that we will probably have to cancel for the second time, because it’s supposed to rain. Again. No more family trips to the beach two or three times a week. No more swimming a the fun park pool. We haven’t even been able to take a family hike this year because it’s been too wet and slippery. Not good for kid hikes. Matt and I haven’t been able to hike together even though the wet leaves aren’t enough to detract us, a serious lack of babysitters is. Good bye suntan on my arms. It’s a shame you couldn’t visit my legs this year.

But all of that aside, the reason I am not excited to pull on my first long sleeve T of the season and lace up, is because I know that winter is coming. And it, being Maine, is bound to be long.

I always roll my eyes and laugh at Matt when he gets melancholy a few weeks before the Summer solstice, because that means that the days aren’t getting longer anymore once it’s past. He also has a few days of depression when Spring makes it’s exit because Winter is “just around the corner” and he won’t be able hike and do other Summer things. Not any more. This year I am stuck in the doldrums before he has even started looking in that direction.

I hate the winters here. They are SO long. By November it’s too cold to do anything outside, and we haven’t been getting snow until about mid-January. It’s no fun playing out in the cold without the snow. But it’s still easy to go places. It’s still easy to grocery shop and go to the library and park (until noses start to freeze). But the sun comes up way to late and it gets dark way too early. There are several weeks in a row when Matt doesn’t get to see the sun at all. He leaves before the sun is up and comes home after it has gone down and before I’m ready, I am bound to my treadmill for my runs. Then the snow starts. And it doesn’t stop until about March. Then it takes another month to melt all the way. And even after it has melted we can’t really count on it to stay gone until May. Even then, it’s still to cold to do anything. Usually about mid-April I try going running without all of my winter gear, and come back without all of my fingers and toes.

I miss Seattle.

The only thing that is going to help me through this dreaded season is the fact that it will be my last. I will only be forced into the life of a recluse for a wretched 16 more months. After that, We will be able to leave before the snow shows it’s ugly face. And if we ever again live in a place that has that icky white stuff, it will be while we are surrounded by other people, who live less than 50 feet away and who have children that my children can play with. And a group of women that I can run with. And when I go to church, I will look forward to it.

That is my happy thought. That and the fact that even if it snows, school will still be in session and the schedule won’t be thrown off. Count my many blessings, right?

On that happy note, I am off to go do something that I DO love. Time to start school!

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