There is a time and a season

I have a hard enough time pretending to be Super-mom when I’m NOT pregnant.  Trying to do it when I am AND while trying to get a house ready to sell…

Not going to happen.

Working out just isn’t as important as school, mudding, painting, packing, and my naps.  Yes, my naps are important.  If you don’t think so, come over some day when I haven’t had one.  I dare you.

I will get my cute butt back after Speck is born.  I’ll get my temper back at that point as well.  6 months.  And then I’ll be back to running marathons in no time.  I may even do an ironman triathlon!  If a former biggest loser contestant that got fat again can do it, so can I.

If I am completely honest, I doubt I would be trying to workout with everything else that is going on even if I wasn’t pregnant.  We’re moving in less than 6 weeks**.  I need to be realistic.

**provided congress gets in gear and approves the commission.  Just one more hurdle.

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