Tis the Season

Christmas shopping with Spencer is pretty fun.  He’s still young enough that I can take him while I get his presents and he’s still surprised on Christmas Morning.

I had him with me at Target a few weeks ago and when we went down the toy isle he looked like his eyes would burst.  He pointed at everything and asked to “hold it” so things that I was going to put in the cart anyway, I let him hold.  We went down an isle that had big cars and trucks and a big 1.5 foot transformer.  “NGOBOT!” He pointed.  No, but I did get him some little “ngobots” to put in his stocking at a price that was much easier to swollow.  A few isles over from that, we saw a remote controlled dinosaur.  The thing was as big as he was.  It was in a display box roaring and getting up on it’s hind legs.  His eyes encompassed his face entirely and he whispered “Saur.  Hab it?”  Notice the change from “hold it” to “hab it?”.  Twit.  I said no and we kept walking.  I got some knock off American Girl dolls for the girls and a few other girly things he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in.  15 minutes later, while in the DVD section, he kindly reminded me about the “saur” and asked again “hab it?”  The thing was $130.  Again I said no.  So he looks thoughtful for a minute.  “How ’bout…. aqueen? (lightning mcqueen)”  I laughed and said no he already had one.  “How ’bout…. ‘Gnater? (Mater).  What a funny kid.

I had a lot of errands to run this week, several of them in Bangor.  We are getting our house ready to sell and it requires a fair amount of staging.  Knowing that snow was on the way later in the week, I packed my kiddos up yesterday and we drove the hour to the big city.  Our first stop was the mall to see Santa (and look for lime and lemon colored pillows for my living room).  Lucy stood right in front of him and told him everything she wanted (he was a good Santa, real beard and all).  Gave him a hug and left.  Emma walked with her head down.  I THINK he might have gotten her name and a few wishes from “Her Shyness”.  Spencer ran out to his open arms and gave him a big hug… then looked at his face and ran back to me as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Spencer also spotted a koisk selling remote controlled helicopters that really fly.  “HAB IT!  DOTTOR!”  He was obsessed with helicopters the rest of our trip, which turned out to be lengthy.  We traveled from the Mall, to Target, to Walmart, to Mardens and where did I find my lime colored pillows?  Kmart.  I was so surprised, they had JUST what I wanted.  Target had one pillow that was sort of what I was looking for but a little on the sage side.  I got it anyway because I had no luck anywhere else.  Thank you Kmart with the FABULOUS pillows for a really good price!  There is a Country Living line that is gorgeous!  I will definitely be going back.  Other than the fact that the interior is neatly stocked like a Thrift store and there is no room to walk and I had to wait 20 minutes for a price check on a pillow that I couldn’t live without, it was great.  Especially because it has a Little Caesars there.  I miss Little Caesars will definitely be getting a large pizza for $5 next time I’m in Bangor.

On the way home, as the snow started to fall, all three kids started to hack.  Emma said her stomach hurt and she was coughing like crazy.  Spencer too.  This morning I woke up with a really sore throat and Emma was coughing so hard I though she would throw up.  So we didn’t go to church.  I’m really hoping we are better soon.  Lucy’s birthday is on Friday and I haven’t been to church due to sick kids two weeks in a row.

On another note, if anyone knows where I can get lemon colored pillows and accessories for less than pottery barn prices, PLEASE let me know!  Or if you have some lemon colored fabric laying around.  I NEED it!

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