Ok here is the low down.

I’m pregnant and:

  • my boobs are bursting out of my bra
  • as long as I ALMOST eat, I don’t get TOO sick
  • I would sleep 16 hours a day if I could
  • I’ve tried sleeping 16 hours a day and for some reason my kids don’t cooperate
  • I made blueberry cobbler yesterday and the resulted energy and good feelings lasted long enough to clean the downstairs
  • That won’t work today
  • nothing ever works twice
  • Unisom and B6 are absolute life savers
  • Egg sandwiches are the only thing I can eat in the mornings
  • If I eat too much (meaning more than 3 bites) I am grounded for the next hour and a half… literally. On the ground.
  • I truely feel as though I cannot ever be pregnant again
  • But how can you say “no more” to this?
  • you can’t.
  • water makes me sicker, faster than anything else
  • Crystal light is a life saver
  • my pregnancy is NOT why I was sick before… I am very aware of the timing.
  • I’m going grocery shopping today
  • I’m also going to take a nap
  • Lucy had already finished most of her school work before I woke up (also won’t happen twice… I bet you!)
  • I haven’t been blogging much because my life has been filled with “oh I feel like crap” but now that you know… you get to hear all about it.
  • I’m really hoping that Walmart has Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook.  It’s out today.
  • Matt has applied to the Air Force.  There are only 5 openings for general dentists.  Keep your fingers crossed!
  • I’m an over emotional mess
  • I need to get the swine flu vaccine because 20% of pregnant women who get it will die.
  • There is no vaccine to be had.
  • Glad we homeschool because that means that the chances of getting it has decreased dramatically (what with Lucy not having contact with the outside world)
  • There is a new family in our branch, Emma has made fast friends with their 5 year old little girl
  • I can’t seem to regulate my body temp
  • I count on this to keep me warm during the day
  • I need to buy more yoga pants.  Now that it’s not capri weather anymore I find myself without pants
  • I love our new Walmart
  • I haven’t gained any weight yet (probably because I can’t eat anything) but I’m VERY puffy ๐Ÿ™
  • Matt’s dad surprised us with a weekend visit
  • I count on this too keep me warm at night
  • Matt has made dinner for the last 3 nights (and will again tonight)
  • He wouldn’t let us paint our pumpkins
  • He forced us to CARVE them
  • A Traditionalist through and through
  • This one is growing up way too fast
  • I have to get up and pee 5 times a night.  No joke.  No wonder I need to sleep 16 hours a day
  • I am not a fan of Oprah
  • I doubt I ever will be
  • I am a fan of Dr. Phil though I haven’t watched his show in two years
  • I think I’m done.

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