To Ellsworth, with Spencer

Spencer loves talking, and more than that, he loves seeing things that he knows the names for. So the following is what we here on the way to Ellsworth EVERY TIME.

Spencer “Gnater!”

Me “Yup, there is the water”


“Yup, a boat.

“Daukle!! Daukle!!! DAUKLE!!!!”

“Yup, it’s a motorcycle”

“Pane PANE!!!”

“Yup, it’s a plane, there are lots of planes at the airport.”

“HOE-SIE! Neighghghgh”

“Yup, a horsey”


“Yup, it’s a bus” (a mini school bus parked at a used car lot)

“Daukle!! Daukle!!! DAUKLE!!!!”

“Yup, it’s lots of motorcycles”

“DOGGIE!!” (as we pass a place that sells lawn ornaments)

“Yup, it’s a doggie” (We have to repeat or he’ll just keep screaming it louder and louder).

“Daukle!! Daukle!!! DAUKLE!!!!”

“Yup, it’s lots of motorcycles” (It’s Summer, there are a lot of people riding motorcycles).

“DART!” Loudest of all

“Yup, it’s Walmart.”


“Yup, a truck”


“Yup, it’s Home Depot”

He repeats “Home Depot”

And last but not least, as we pull into the parking lot of where ever it is we are going…

“Ah HOME!”

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