Well, yesterday, Spencer learned how to fold his arms all by himself. The prompt words are “Fold your arms” and “Prayer Time”. But I forgot to mention it yesterday.

TODAY! I picked up Sophie from the vet. We had her spayed yesterday. Apparently she did really well, but the assistant had never seen any dog projectile vomit as far as Sophie did. She’s got some distance in her. She has been super mello all day and didn’t even bark or whine or run from door to door to door to door when she saw Matt drive up on his motorcycle. All though she did try to jump on him. She won’t touch the new bed we got for her and just stays in her room all day. But she should be feeling better in a few days. Especially once we are allowed to feed her regularly again.

I went outside earlier today to take her for a stroll to do her business and realized that it was quite hot and sunny enough to go to the beach. So we all packed up and got there just in time for the cool breeze and the rain clouds. We were able to stay for about and hour before it started to rain. I got some great pics. The girls didn’t care that it was cold, though Spencer wasn’t impressed.

A duck swiping our leftovers

enjoying the dirt

with Mama (girls in the background)

Again with the dirt

with Grandpa
Watching the ducks
And again
Taking Grandpa’s hat

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