Totally Bummed

Last night I woke up with a stabbing pain in my ear. Fortunately, all three kiddos had a dr’s apt. this morning. So I was able to get in to see a doctor right after them. It turns out that I have a punctured ear drum. I’m not allowed to fly because the air-pressure changes in the plane would blow any patch that my ear drum will have made at that point. So that means that the Ahroon Girl Family reunion will be sans one Ahroon girl. That also means no ear plugs or and water. I can’t even shower or wash my hair for two weeks. Ewe!

This is going to be interesting. So if you are wondering why I will be going to church sporting a new bandana, now you know.

I’m so bummed that I can’t see my sisters and my mom. I was also really looking forward to seeing Matt’s folks. Matt and Spencer are going to his family reunion without us girls. He’s a little freaked out about taking Spencer on a plane by himself. When he mentioned that, I laughed at him and reminded him that I was supposed to go on a plane ride with two connecting flights with three children by myself. I don’t have too much sympathy for the guy. He could leave him home if he wanted. But he wants his family to meet his son. And I’m looking forward to a little girl time. Make up and nail polish and barbies and my little pony’s galore! And don’t forget the ice cream and pizza. We may even break out Anne of Green Gables and the super long Pride and Prejudice (they might be a little young for North and South, ha ha! Just kidding!!!) My girlies and I will spend a week with chick flicks and root beer floats. We won’t get out of our jammies and we’ll jump on the trampoline all day long!

Hey, I’m getting excited about this new plan.

Lucy and Emma got their first shots in over two years. Neither girl cried at all (maybe due to my shameless bribe) and were therefore rewarded each with a new toy. It took about two hours for Lucy to pick out the barbie that she wanted and less than 10 minutes for her to decide she hated it after we got home. “I don’t like the color brown and she has brown hair!!! I like Emma’s barbie mermaid with PINK hair”. You’d think I held a gun and forced that doll on her. Sheesh!

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