Tying to remember

I can’t begin to tell you how stressed out I am.  I am packing up our house (mostly by myself) while Matt is at work so that we can be ready to move next Saturday.  He has drill this weekend, so he’s not going to be any help.  And I haven’t even TOUCHED the basement!  We still have a few odds and ends left on the house that he has to do and a very limited amount of time to do it in.  We are still down to one car, so unless he can fix the Jeep today (his day off), we won’t be going to church again on Sunday.

Oh and did I mention that he doesn’t have his orders yet?  So all of this may be for naught.  We need to meet with the moving people in Brunswick before we can officially move and we can’t do that until we have his orders in our hands.  So if we don’t get them by tomorrow, we’ll have to push the move back another week (which I am almost hoping for so we can have more time!).

I mentioned how stressed this whole thing is making me and he said that we didn’t have to move ourselves, we can always have the Air Force do it.  But I have already packed 3/4 worth of the house.  I’m not going to let that go to waste.  Packing with a basketball in your stomach is no easy task.  Tack on two bickering girls and one tornado of a boy… I should be given a metal!  We’ve got boxes all over our house because I can’t lift anything heavy or bulky.  And it doesn’t seem to matter how much I pack, the kids can find ways to make a mess!

And my kids are crazy these days.  They are cooped up in a house with no routine or schedule.  School has been put on the back burner until we reach our new destination and that seems to be doing more harm than good.  Everything is so much smoother when we have school in the mornings.  But unfortunately, I can’t take two or 3 hours out of the morning when I need to pack.  And packing already takes long enough, but I have to take a break every 20 minutes or so or else I start crying and/or can’t walk.

I’m trying to remember that this is stressful on the kids too.  And that is why they are acting out.  It can’t be easy to have most of your toys packed away, your mattress on the floor, clothes in suitcases, Mommy ignoring you and since your room is full of boxes, no place to be alone for a little R&R.

Lucy wants to help so badly.  Always trying to help me pack, but I’ve already packed everything easy.  She doesn’t understand or enjoy the fact that the biggest thing she can do to help is to keep Emma and Spencer happy and play with them.

Poor Emma is getting lost in the shuffle.  She’s not a squeaky wheel in general but the lack of attention is making her sour and grumpy.  Her whiney outbursts are getting more and more frequent.

Spencer is oblivious to what is going on.  He doesn’t care.  His room hasn’t been effected yet.  But he was never an easy going child to begin with.  A regular Spencer is harder than two stressed out girls combined.

I’m really hoping he gets his orders this week.  Moving is kind of like labor.  It feels like your legs are being torn off by a team of wild horses no matter how long it takes.  So I’d rather have it done sooner rather than later.

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