Ugh, Update and UBER cute!

Ugh, my face hurts. I couldn’t sleep last night and was all maxed out on my ibuprofen. We had a pot luck lunch at church (“public lunch” according to Lucy). And I’m just DYING right now. I currently have an ice pack wrapped to my face with an ace bandage.

I would have stayed home, but I got a call on Thursday from the Branch President asking me to come in early on Sunday. Everyone knows what that means. I am now first councilor in the Primary Presidency. I’m really excited about this new calling. The president and second councilor are both great ladies that I want to get to know better anyway. It’s going to be awesome! Lucy and Emma were so excited to see me in Primary today and are really happy that I will be in there from now on.

The good and bad of wisdom teeth removal. It’s kind of like child birth recovery (only on a MUCH smaller scale) where if you do too much, too fast, it keeps you from recovering. The good? Being doted on by a sweet husband. The bad? Kids who still demand mommy. The good? not needing to cook and not even wanting to eat. The bad? STILL gaining 6 lbs in a day even though I’m on a mostly liquid diet (and NO, I haven’t been having milkshakes 24/7, I’ve only had one).

And the best? Scrapbooking for two days straight with absolutely no guilt from hubbie whatsoever! Here are some of my most recent pages.

Beautiful Journey, Island Adventure, Chasing Rainbows, Sweet June all by Michelle Coleman, Chirpy Days by Jackie Eckles and Jaxon by Misty Mereda.

Credits: Great Outdoors, Just Earthy, Follow Your Bliss, Breath of Fresh Air, Cherish Every Moment, all by Weeds and Wildflowers.

I sure LOVE scrapbooking!

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