Unexpected Perk

So I’ve been spending the last week getting our house “show ready”.  It’s nice how pretty my house can look when it’s clean.  But one problem that we have been having is that our living room is laid out in a way that it’s virtually impossible to have both a TV and a piano in it without interrupting the “flow” of the room.   Flow is something you really need when you are showing a house.

So Matt decided (though it didn’t take much arm twisting on my part) to sell our entertainment armoire and get a flat screen.  So this week I picked one up.  A 32 inch vizio.  Two days later I took it back because the remote sensor wasn’t working right.  I exchanged it for a Phillips.  Much better.

It’s sitting on top of the piano right now and the flow of the room is great.  It’s a nice big screen, bulky piece of furniture is gone (or moved at least) and the best part?  NO GLARE!  There is NO bright reflection from the windows or the light fixture!  Awesome.

It took Lucy a day to figure out how to work the remote.  Something is wrong with that picture.

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