Up for Air

Phew!  It’s been quite the year.  For those of you who are still reading this poor, neglected blog, last September I started Pathway.  That is what This fall I start school full time at BYUI Online.  I’ve decided to major in Business Management, which is incredibly appropriate because…

Wait for it…

I’ve started a business!

And yes, as I told a friend of mine recently, I know I’m crazy.  As if homeschooling, trying to loose 30 pounds, going back to college almost full time, having a husband going through a residency, and training for a marathon wasn’t enough.  Yes, I’m crazy, but it can’t be helped.  I love it, it makes me happy, and, believe it or not, it fulfills my life’s mission of helping family’s discover their ordinary, every day, happily ever after.  And you, my dear readers, won’t be surprised when you learn what it is.


I’m not sure what this means for my little blog here.  I’m not shutting it down, I’m not going to stop writing, but I have a new creative outlet (which has proven to be essential for my sanity).  Which means I probably won’t be writing as much here as I have in the past, but considering how little I’ve written over the last year, that doesn’t mean much 🙂

Anyway, I’d love for you to check out my new site!  Let me know what you think ( and encourage a terrified and vulnerable new entrepreneur).  And you can see me on Facebook and Instagram as well.

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