Well, yesterday morning Matt took the three older kids to the park and to run errands while Jack and I went in to the Women’s Health Center for my ultrasound results.
Dr. De Louche said that there was indeed an excessive amount of fluid in my lower abdomen but he didn’t think it was blood because I didn’t have “re-bound tenderness” (where it is mildly tender when he pushes in, but I feel like I’m dying when he abruptly lets go, that is also an indicator of appendicitis, so we can rule that out).  The ultrasound also showed an enlarged ovary (which I guess means there is or was a cyst there) but that all of my other lady organs looked fine.
He called over to general surgery and spoke with Dr. Tucker (He didn’t want me to be “turfed” again, so he also made another follow up appointment that I can cancel if I’m feeling fine, it’s mostly to remind him to check up on me).  Dr. Tucker sent me to get a CT and said she would meet me in the ER later since her office was closed for the day (but she was in surgery so it would be a while).
I had to wait for a few hours before I could get the CT because I had to drink some contrast and it had to get into my system before they could take the picture.  Matt dropped of my kiddos at my friend Amy’s house and was able to join me about 10 minutes before I had to go in.  It was nice not having to take Jack in with me.
Then we had to wait in the ER for Dr. Tucker to get out of surgery.  That took a few hours, but after I was treojed, we went to a smaller waiting room with really comfortable recliners.  And I had Matt and Charlotte Mason to keep me company, so I won’t complain.
After several more hours I was finally able to see Dr. Tucker.  She explained that from my symptoms, she was most worried about some sort of disease or syndrome brought on from my c-section, but the CT showed that the fluid is clean and not infected.  The also said that there was some evidence of a recent kidney stone (though I’ve had those before and it certainly didn’t feel that way).  So she is hoping that the cyst ruptured and the fluid is from that.  If that is the case, then I should steadily be getting better.  If I’m not better in two weeks then I have to have the CT redone to see if the fluid is still clean.  But I need to call and update her on Tuesday regardless.  And if I get a fever or get the chills  to go to the ER immediately.
So here’s hoping I get better on my own!

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