For those who want to know. This child has decided that he is just happy where he is and no amount of begging or pushing or prodding is going to make him budge from his nest. Everyone involved said that last night was the night, everything was progressing as it should have and I was transitioning from early labor to active labor when I tried to get some sleep while I still could so that I could have energy to give birth. And at around midnight, everything started to slow (though not enough to let me get any sleep) and by late this morning it had stopped.

My only consolation is knowing that there really isn’t anything I could have done. Mom, midwife and books alike all say that if it’s real, then even a freight train couldn’t stop it and if it’s not then it won’t happen no matter what you do short of hospital intervention. But my midwife did say that she had never seen false labor look so real before. Oh well. If he’s not ready then he’s not ready. I’m going to give myself a few days to recover from yesterday and the plan is to take some herbs on Sunday (my due date) but I’d like to do it Friday so Matt has the weekend in front of us. We’ll see.

I have to admit, I knew there was a possibility that the Castor Oil wouldn’t work, but I figured if it didn’t work then it wouldn’t work at all, not “I’m going to make you and everyone else think that it’s working and then decide not to in the middle of the night leaving you tired, grumpy and with a bad case of swamp butt.”

I’m so glad that my mom is here to help me. I don’t think I would be able to function otherwise.

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