On Friday we left for vacation. There is nothing like a vacation to make you miss home. Spencer has made things really hard, but we’re enjoying ourselves for the most part.

Friday we drove down the Hanscon Air Force Base. We didn’t get in until late, but the kids were so excited to sleep in a new place. It was quite an adventure for them. Saturday we went to the aquarium in Boston. It wasn’t nearly as neat as we expected it to be. It had a really nice jelly fish exhibit, and a bunch of penguins, but other than that (and the sea dragons) it was pretty lame. Matt and I went to the Vancouver aquarium for our honeymoon and it was AWESOME! The bar was set pretty high.

We did get to see our first 3D movie. THAT was neat! It was SUPER creepy when the sea snakes started crawling onto my lap (at least that is what it looked like). When the opening credits started Emma cried “The words are coming to me!!” and Lucy kept reaching out to grab the coral. Spencer wouldn’t keep his glasses on but he did recognize and point out the weedy sea dragon. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though it didn’t do much for my fish phobia. The neatest part was when it looked like we were LITERALLY going down the amazon river in a row boat.

We went back to the base and picked up some pizzas at the commissary. Then drove down to the track. Whoever designed the track and grounds was BRILLIANT! They had a beautiful rubber track, a beautifully manicured grass field in the middle and a totally decked out playground over to the side. Matt and I were able to run 2 miles around the track together before the kids had had enough (with only one naked bum incident).

This happened the first time we stayed at Hanscon and it happened again the other day, the base was so clean and beautiful and the facilities were so convenient that it made us long for Active Duty life. BUT given the fact that his salary would be cut in half and I don’t trust the people making the decisions, I doubt we’ll end up doing it. But he keeps running ideas past me that aren’t bad. He wants to go back to school on the Air Forces dime to be an oral surgeon. That way he can qualify to be a flight surgeon and “get those wings”. Heather, Jason? Expect our phone call.

We came down to Mary Ann and David’s house yesterday. It was about 10 minutes before we decided that our trip wouldn’t last as long as we had originally thought. Spencer has gotten his little hands on water dishes, dog food, dog toys, scissors, knives, fancy glasses and china and about a million other things that he should play with. Oh yeah and he broke a new movie I bought for the trip. Watched a total of one time. Do you know how hard it is to break a DVD in half? Apparently much harder for an adult than an two year old. But I explained what happened to the people at Walmart and they gladly exchanged it for a new one. Say what you want… I love Walmart.

Today Mary Ann graciously took the girls while Matt, David, Spencer and I went to West Point. We were able to take a tour of the academy and were so impressed. After the tour we went to the museum and a very tired Spencer fell asleep in the sling. The tour and the museum made me very excited (again) to homeschool. There is just so much to learn and I get to learn it all over again (I didn’t pay attention the first time around, I was too absorbed in my social life, or lack thereof).

Being at West Point (though it is Army and not Air Force) increased our desire for Active Duty. It’s just so clean and organized and everyone is so formal (it is always such a rush to me when Matt is referred to as Captain).

I imagine we will leave in the next day or so. Spencer is good when we are out and about, but most of the time, he’s running around with too much destruction in his wake. We won’t be going to Peru, it’s just too hard to keep up with him. As much as I want to show off my super cute kids and my ultra hot husband, it just isn’t going to happen. Instead, we’ll go back to Hanscon and ask some questions and play at the playground and run around the track.

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