August 22


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We are studying Vincent Van Gogh today (and tomorrow). Along with this book and Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Art Curriculum I came across this video on Youtube that is of one of my favorite Don Mclean songs. Very appropriate for the subject at hand… I also took the opportunity to teach them a bit about depression and other mental illnesses (just a side note, not the primary focus of our lesson).

Just a few of our favorites

Tomorrow we will be breaking out the paints and trying our hands at reproducing some of his masterpieces.

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    • I thought about you when we read there was a museum there (there is a list of all of the museums with the artist’s work in the back of the books).


  • We are also using Erica’s art program and are having a great time with it. Having to adapt it a bit as we go along as I have a daughter who takes “ages” to get her pictures “just right” … although I admit they do turn out beautifully. We simply love Mike’s books too!


  • I saw you post on Confessions of a Homeschooler.WOW I’m so glad I read the comments on her Art program. I went looking for ideas on ways to use this curriculum to make it more exciting. LOVE, Love, Love your you tube song. Do you have any more wonderful ideas? We are Doing Da Vinci right now.


    • Hmmm… we haven’t done him yet, (we rotate art out with other subjects so we only get to it every few weeks) for Da Vinci the first thing that comes to mind is watching Ever After, LOL! But I probably would also look into a lot of his inventions and talk about how he was a “Renaissance Man” (a man who really did know EVERYTHING. It was a lot easier to be a Renaissance Man back then because they hadn’t discovered all that much. He was able to learn everything that had been known up to that point in time. That’s really neat to me 🙂
      I think I would probably also use “The Last Supper” and go over the last few days of Christ to reenforce the Atonement and lessons in the scriptures.


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