Thanks to Matt delivering the key home to me during lunch yesterday (thanks again sweetie!) and a trip to town (which including window shopping for a new washer and dryer, cutting a new van key and a healthy dose of the magic chocolate), I was able to avoid the meltdown I had anticipated since the moment my eyes opened in the morning.  Although, a Phineas and Ferb marathon also helped (curse you, Perry the Platypus!).
Anyway, onto the first of today’s random posts.  Something you may not know about me is that I love all things vintage and antique.  I love old houses and their charm.  I love it when my kids watch TV shows I watched when I was a kid and I love love love vintage graphic T-shirts (though it doesn’t have to be an original).  I’m a sucker for them, though I have never owned one for myself.  It all started a year or so ago, when Spencer was in dire need of some shirts that didn’t show his belly.  While at Target, I saw a rack of vintage t’s and bought him a t-shirt for Star Wars, the Rolling Stones and ACDC.  
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unreasonable.  I wouldn’t buy a shirt for something that I’m not a fan of.  I seriously doubt I would ever buy a loony toon shirt (unless it was daffy saying something like “Let’s try that again” or “Ah HA!  Pronoun trouble!”  
And as I’m the proud fan of Star Wars, sometimes “I can’t get no Satisfaction”, and this trip into the Air Force has taught me that “You can’t always get what you want” and that “you shook me all night long”, “TNT” and “Black in Black” are seriously playlist worthy, I’m figure I’m good to go without being a poser.
So, with that background you will understand when I tell you the following story.
All of our stuff is still in storage in El Paso, TX.  And the clothes that we left out for our trip here was mostly long sleeve, because I figured that regardless of whether or not we were in a desert, I wasn’t stupid, it’s still Winter after all.  What I didn’t anticipate was 75 degree weather combined with a growth spurt of a certain seven year old.
So last week we ventured to Walmart for some cheap short sleeve shirts.  Much to my pleasure I saw a rack of vintage shirts, just for my girls.  They are now the proud owners of shirts with the Hungry Catepillar, the grouchy ladybug (very appropriate these days), an eric carle seahorse, a yellow submarine, a superman (need I even explain this one) and… Emma’s all time favorite (as in, digs it out of the dirty clothes favorite, and that is very un-Emma, she’s not picky about clothes)…

You like how I’ve convinced my girls that it’s ok to wear boy shorts?  Lucy wasn’t thrilled at first, but they wanted shorts that they could exercise in.  I wasn’t going to buy the daisy dukes that the girl section at Walmart offered.  Once I told her that the boy shorts were, more modest, reversible and CHEAPER, she was convinced.  They each got to pick out two pairs.
Emma is also showing off her “Wilson” baseball glove, as they are both starting coach pitch baseball in a month.  When they saw it was a Wilson, they literally thought it was made just for them ๐Ÿ™‚  So cute.
And, lest you think I’m not a Kiss fan, “I want to rock and roll all nite” was carved and painted into my senior project for ceramics class.  As was the superman symbol, the young women values and various other things that I felt defined me at the time.
No child is safe from the Vintage T!
Are you dying yet?  This is Spencer’s old one that I told you about!  Speck and Spence will be twinners!
Here’s Lucy showing off her glove. She did her hair herself, can you tell?
What about now?

And I’ve never been able to exclude any of my kids when there is fun involved.  Though Spencer’s glove is a Rawling not a Wilson.

And since I love the
m so much, I took advantage of my recently discovered love of buying $7 maternity shirts and got myself a couple (XXL in the Junior’s section, but it fits!  I’m not to prideful to wear a 2XL if I’m growing a person at the same time).  Lest you think that Spiderman isn’t feminine enough, I assure you that Rainbow Brite is.  Hope you enjoy the belly shot.  I am SO done with buying maternity shirts.

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