Washer and Dryer

We left our fancy new washer and dryer in Maine.  For three reasons.

A. front loading washers are so heavy that Matt was willing to replace it rather than move it (and if you know how frugal Matt is, you will know how heavy it is.

2. By the time we were ready to move it, all of our help had left and we were on our own.

D. There wasn’t room in the truck anyway.

So I’ve been researching and window shopping for some to replace them.  I’ve been scouring Consumer Reports and and user ratings and also looking at Hollomanyardsales.com for a used pair.  Unfortunately, it looks as though a used pair won’t work out because the dryers are all gas dryers and not electric, and we have no way to transport them anyway.  We’d need them delivered (I guess Matt being a truck guy after all could come in handy right about now).

Yesterday I went to Lowes with the kids and decided on a couple of Maytags.  I learned that the reason that the Maytag repair man never gets any work is because Maytag uses commercial grade parts.  So if you have a Maytag, it’s the same machine you would find in a Laundromat.  Sweet!  I found a sweet set for $399 each, free next day delivery and a 10% military discount.

They aren’t the latest and greatest, they ARE the cheapest new one’s that I could find with fairly good reviews.  And it’s simple enough that I can easily enlist Lucy’s help with the laundry.  No electronic buttons or gadgets that would confuse her.  But to be fair, now that I’m looking at having to move every 3 or 4 years, the fact that they aren’t the latest and greatest isn’t a big deal.  Matt just wants to get new ones every time.  And I’m ok with that 🙂

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