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Wednesday – July 8 – Day 1

This morning I woke up with a sense of purpose. That purpose was somehow lost in the commotion and chaos that was my day, but I’m sure it happened. So many other things did.

I woke up to Emma breathing her stinky morning breath into my face, saying that “Lucy said that pink is not my favorite” or some other such nonsense. I looked at the clock and realized that if I stuck to my “plan” today, my personal time was going to be cut short because Matt and I did not get up early to exercise. So I promptly rolled over and tried to get back to sleep.

After 10 minutes of stinky breath and whining, I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower. I got out just in time to yell “SEE, I CAN a shower this week!” out the window to Matt as he burned rubber out of this madhouse.

We had a good breakfast of life cereal while I checked my email and blogs. Then I did something that is almost unprecedented in this house. I put my laptop away. YAY for self-discipline! I herded my flock into the living room for a prayer and scripture study. I asked Lucy to read 1 Nephi 1:1. 15 minutes later Emma repeated verse two and then Spencer verse 3. I ended the morning devotional with verse 4 and then we pulled out the library books.

Yesterday we cleaned out the library of books on insects and “air-a-planes”. I read the kids 11 pages of “Why bugs bite and sting” before Lucy was bored with it. I moved on to “Little Oink” and then we looked at one of the books about planes but didn’t read from it. Lucy then read a Disney Ratatouille book to us all while I closed my eyes but since Spencer insisted that I hold the book and not Lucy, I couldn’t actually doze off.

The kids played with Legos while I picked up for 30 minutes and then we colored. Emma drew a plane and Lucy colored a great scene about bugs (I’ll scan it and put it in).

After a snack of apple slices, we sat on the couch and read along with “Take Your Hat Of As The Flag Goes By”. We got halfway through it before one of Spencer’s couch flips landed him on the wooden arm of our sofa. We called it quits and made lunch.

A good three hours with three children and a mom who has never done this before. I say it was a success.

During quiet time all of the kids played with puzzles while I watched Charmed and caught up with my emails and stuff and tried to scrap a bit, but no mojo in reserve.

After naptime, I got out our acrylic paints and we all went to town. Myself included (ps, Lucy can paint trees better than I can).

We had one hiccup when my sister called right after I told them we were going to paint. The excitement was WAY too much to handle being quiet while I got it ready. Our conversation didn’t last long. I think she was rendered deaf by the screaming.

I let the kids watch a movie after painting (Horton Hears a Who) while I made pizza dough and cleaned the kitchen. Then I folded laundry while Spencer soaked the paint out of his hair.

Matt came home, we had pizza and now I’m off to exercise.

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