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Anyone who is concerned with overpopulation should take a drive through New Mexico.  That would shut them up.

While driving through Missouri, my thought was that it must be a really awesome place.  Especially considering the vast number of billboards for fireworks and “Adult” Superstores.

We were quite happy to enter into Oklahoma.  It was farms and cattle ranches as far as the eye could see.  They even had some playgrounds at the rest area with swings and monkey bars.  Though while it was a great idea, it wasn’t thought through all the way.  Anyone who puts asphalt under the swings and merry-go-rounds obviously doesn’t have kids.  As testified by Spencer’s fat lip.  Texas was the same.  Ranches and farms.  Very pretty.

On Friday, we passed into New Mexico.  Once we got off of the interstate onto highway 54 it was 175 of nothing.  Cactus and sand.  175 miles of “boy I sure hope we don’t break down out here” nothingness.  If there was a building, it was named as a town.  We saw a McDonald’s in Santa Rosa and then nothing for 175 miles.  During that long stretch there was about two minutes when there was a car in front of us.  But that’s it.

Needless to say, we were both getting quite nervous the closer we got to Alamogordo.  Admittedly, Alamogordo has 36,000 people, which is a little bit bigger than Bangor, but we were still nervous.  Both of us, though for different reasons.  I cried as soon as we checked into TLF on base.  We met Matt’s boss, went grocery shopping (so happy to have something other than travel junk), then I cried again when I was making dinner.  Then again in the middle of the night when our cat kept meowing.

The reason for the tears (other than the fact that I’m pregnant) is because the housing waiting list is more than a year long.  And because of that, the rental market is pretty sparse (because all of the houses are already taken).  The idea of living in our 1 bedroom TLF for a month is bad enough, being homeless after that is even worse.

But the despair was oddly comforting in a warped sort of way.  I LOVED Bar Harbor when I first got there, and we all know how well that worked out.

Saturday we drove around and found a few neighborhoods that we liked.  Visited the church, which was starting a Relief Society Meeting for one of the wards and we met a few nice people and were told where the ward boundaries were.  We looked at one rental house which was VERY nice and drool worthy but on the upper end of our price range.  It was also in a very nice neighborhood and was so nice that we may not want to leave it once the base offers us housing.  But the competition was sure to be big and the person showing the house wasn’t able to get hold of the owner, so we couldn’t apply.

For church today we attended the White Sands ward, which was the other ward and the ward we would be in if we were in base housing (figuring that if we moved on base it would be nice not to have to change wards).  The primary is quite a bit smaller than the other ward, but still 3 times the size of the Ellsworth Primary.  I really liked Relief Society, everyone seemed really friendly and there is a good amount of women that look to be my age with kids for my kids.

Then to top it off, a dentist that had been stationed at Holloman ended up getting out of the Air Force and bought a practice in town.  They were in that ward and had just moved into a house they had built and were putting their old house up for rent.  So we went and looked at it after church.  It was a little older neighborhood than the other house, but still just as nice.  The house itself was beautiful.  It is smaller than the other one, but much more in our price range and a nice straight shot for Matt’s commute.  And we can move in this week!

When I was crying in the middle of the night when we first got here, I just prayed that we would have peace in our hearts and know that we had done the right thing.  I kept thinking “take no thought for the morrow” knowing that God had always taken care of us in the past and tried to convince myself that He would do so again.  Sure enough, it seems to have happened again.

We are still a little nervous, but not with dread.

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