What a week

I can usually get through a calm day without too much trouble. Oh, but the minute we have to leave the house, it all goes down the toilet. The other day Spencer has a doctor’s appointment. We go out to the car with barely enough time to get to the office 5 minutes late. Both sliding doors on the minivan are frozen shut. So I shuttle all of the kids through the driver’s door to get them to their car seats. I have to drive 15 miles an hour because our windshield has frost on the INSIDE, the defroster won’t work and I can’t find the scraper. We get there late. And it’s like I’ve stepped back in time. They put all four of us in the smallest exam room (only enough room for one chair, which the girls fight over) where I sit forever as I admire the wood paneling on the cabinets. After they weigh and measure him I find that my 6 month old son is only 14 lbs (aren’t boys supposed to be bigger than girls). I then have to sit through a lecture about how I need to make sure that he’s eating enough and I have enough milk. I assure the doctor that my girls were also little (though not that little) and that I’m sure I have enough milk and yes, I do give him actual food occasionally (which he loves). I then earn the mother of the year award as my little boy rolls off of the table during the second I bent down to get something out of the diaper bag. Then he got four shots. Upon going back out to the car, we find that now the driver’s side door has also frozen shut. Everyone piles in via the passenger front door and I decide that I don’t care that we have no milk or eggs. There is no way in hell I am going through this maze again, we went straight home.

I am a Zombie. I haven’t slept in a year (I don’t sleep when I’m pregnant). Spencer wakes up five or six times a night and having him right next to me in bed only makes it worse. To top it off, naps make me sleep even worse at night. Yesterday I was awake for less than six hours before I wanted to go to bed. That was the last straw. I put my poor baby in his crib in another room, turned the fan on in mine and I went to sleep. I still woke up a few times, and I fed him when I heard him at six this morning, but he slept until 8 am. I am sure that my lack of sleep is adding to (if not the cause) of my migraines. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will have caught up on enough sleep and I will have laid off the junk food long enough that I will be full of energy and headache free.

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