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What-e'er thou art, act well thy part

As I was going to bed last night, I checked my blog reader one last night and I noticed that Elder Cook gave a CES fireside last night. I don’t usually watch them, mostly because I don’t pay enough attention to know when they are, but opened the video and thought maybe I would listen to it sometime today as I went about my chores. I started it when I ran on the treadmill this morning and I am so glad that I did!
Elder Cook, towards the beginning of his talk, spoke about some of the atrocities during WWII, specifically the Holocaust. He had worked closely with the survivor, Abraham Foxman, who continues to battle anti-semitism, hatred and bigotry in the world. The advice that this man gave to we members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who have the responsibility of influencing public affairs was simple.
Do not wear masks.
He then spoke of the KKK, who by day were business and family men who, by all appearances, were good citizens; but by night, under the cloak of darkness and anonymity, they committed monstrosities that none of them would have dared participate in had they not been wearing identical sheets and hoods.
I immediately thought of this mask:

Under the guise of a peaceful protest, over the last six months we have seen anti-semitism, public defecation (on American flags and police cars no less), a plague of sexually transmitted diseases, countless rapes, unexplained deaths, violence towards the police (and another link) and their families, destruction of small businesses, places of worship and public and personal property, exploitation and harassment of children and someone even took a shot at the White House. All of it hushed up by the Main Stream Media and placed in our schools for indoctrination of our children (here, here, and here)

The MSM coverup of Occupy prompted me to think of the modern day secret combinations (here, here, here, here, and here just to name a few), many of whom claim peace and patriotism, yet are at the root of many of the evil happenings going on in the world today.

He spoke of how dangerous it is for our souls personally, and our society publicly to work under anonymity. Not just in instances of pornography and other types of infidelity and unchaste behavior, but also in our correspondence online. Elder Cook specifically singled out blog/article comments. If you aren’t willing to put your name and face up with what you say, you probably shouldn’t say it.

He told us some wonderful stories from our Prophet and Apostles who served in the military during WWII and how they had each acted their part as a Latter-Day Saint well.

Elder Cook concluded his talk by inviting us to participate fully in the political process. He spoke of how it is our responsibility to be actively involved in our society. We cannot keep our heads in the sand just because the wind might be a little unpleasant at times. He said that we face the same challenges as our great grandparents. During WWII they fought to defend religious liberty and freedom and now it’s our turn.

The truth will make you free, but it will make you miserable first. I get so down and upset when I hear of how much progress Satan is making and has made in our society. The Evil One has his hands in every aspect of our lives, political, religious, societal and he has placed his secret combinations in each of these places to undermine the Gospel of Jesus Christ and everything that God created. Everything from belief in God’s (and Satan’s) very existence to the the Family as the nucleus of society to the the Constitution of the United States.

We can’t expect this fight to be easy, but if we join with those who are faithful (those faithful of and not of our faith) we will prevail.

Elder Cooks talk begins at 12:18.

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