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What I will remember about you

While in Walmart today

Lucy, “Mommy, you really need to buy this necklace for me” (it was a High School Musical necklace)

me, “no I don’t”

Lucy, “Yes you do, if you buy this necklace for me, it will tell me so much about you!”

me, “Um, what?”

Lucy, “If you buy this for me, it will tell me that you love me so much and that you think I am wonderful, and when I look at it, it will always remind me of you.”

me, “um… no. Put it back.”

I also gave her a speech about how the reason she knows that I love her is because of the way I treat her and take care of her, not because of what I buy her.

She came home the other day talking about Hanna Montana and now that’s all she sees when we go to the store. Hanna Montana toys, Hanna Montana clothes, Hanna Montana jewelry. Never mind that she has never actually SEEN Hanna Montana (at least she isn’t staring at the Bratz anymore).

She also asked us for an ipod. Since Matt got a new one when we opened a TD Banknorth checking account, we filled up his old one with kid songs and the audio version of the children’s scripture stories (which you can download from lds.org) and gave it to her. She’s been listening to it and telling me about how Satan didn’t want Joseph Smith to pray and asked Matt what persecution meant.

Then she said she wanted a “computer that you can close and take with you wherever you go”. She’s got expensive taste, that one.

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