What was the point?

We got rid of the extra channels from Dish Network and are now only getting the locals.  That is what it was like in Maine and that is how we like it.

We subscribed to the Disney Channel so that we could collect Phineas and Ferb.  Now we have almost all of them on our DVR.

One negative side effect to having so many channels is that when I sit down to rest (which is still happening a lot these days) it’s much easier to turn on the TV and watch reruns of Law and Order than to pick up my book and use my brain.

So I was very happy to get rid of it and plow into my ever growing stack of unread books…

Then I discovered that Hulu.com has all seasons and episodes of 21 Jump Street and Highlander… Heaven help me for I shall never read again.  I can already feel the rotting of my brain.

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