When it rains!

So I haven’t been perfectly honest with you.  Not at all.  But I have to come clean.  My dear sweet Matt has been gone for the last two weeks.  I haven’t told you because I’m paranoid.  I’m afraid of crazy people storming my house.  I’m sure I’ll be much more liberal with this sort of information when we live in a gated community with soldiers (airmen, technically) guarding the gates with guns.  I can deal with that.

Anyway, he’s been gone at RCOT (reserved commissioned officer training) and comes home tonight!  I can’t wait I am beyond excited.  And I will be perfectly honest, I am NOT happy with the snow right now. If there is another delay with his arrival home I will be very disappointed.  Not to mention Spencer who has been running around the house screaming “Yay!  Daddy home!”

Anyway, last night we had the branch Christmas Party.  Lucy played the part of Mary in the Nativity play and sang “Mary’s Lullaby” during the play.  It was so cute.  Emma was a camel and Spencer was going to be a sheep, but didn’t want to wear the costume and ended up sitting on my lap pulling on my arm while I was trying to video tape them.

When we came home, I went to let the dog out of the bathroom only to discover that someone had decided that the bathroom would be a great place to put an indoor pool.  No it wasn’t Sophie.  I put her out and realized that when people in the house used water, instead of draining outside into our septic tank, the water was backing up into our downstairs toilet.  So when Emma drained the tub upstairs?  Yup, bath-water in our downstairs bathroom.  AND in the basement.  Fortunately I had already put Spencer in bed by the time we discovered this.

I spent the rest of the evening using every one of our bath towels as well as all of our dish towels, paper towels or anything else I could find to soak up the water.  And calling plumber after plumber before I found one that offered 24 hour emergency service.  Then by the time I talked to them, they were able to diagnose what was going on over the phone and said that they didn’t do that kind of stuff and to call a Roter Rooter person.  I finally got hold of one of them (again fortunately one from Southwest Harbor) and was able to secure an appointment for this morning.  The Ox was definitely in the mire.  With three young children at home, me pregnant and no built in handy-man, I could last until morning with no water (or toilet flushes) but not much longer than that.

When I woke up this morning and came downstairs to find that the Christmas Tree had fallen down.  I would blame the cat but she was out all night.  Only one ornament broke though.  I had it all cleaned up by the time the plumber got here.

It looks like the main sewer line had been plugged up (ice, toilet paper, toys, who knows) anyway he fixed it all and everything is as good as new… except that our house now smells like a sewer.  But that should go away pretty soon.

But at least if something like this had to happen while Matt was gone, then it was something he couldn’t have fixed anyway, otherwise I would have felt really stupid having to call someone else to fix it.

So that is why we weren’t in church today.  I was playing host to a plumber, we had NO clean towels so I couldn’t shower and Spencer has a nose that won’t stop.

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