Sometimes life gets busy enough with the expected that when you throw in the unexpected, it’s downright ridiculous.

Last week Matt’s parent’s came to visit. It was a lot of fun and I’m sad they had to leave so soon. We looked at awesome houses that are for sale in Bucksport and lamented over the fact that we are stuck in a house that we hate. And how great it would be to live in an old 3500 square foot Italian style house two blocks from Matt’s Bucksport office with a fireplace in every room, a big backyard, 12 foot ceilings, beautiful intricate crown molding and trim, an apartment on top of the garage, a view overlooking the water and RIGHT next door the library… all for UNDER 45k what we paid for our condo. But it would have been a bear to heat in the winter. And who wants a living room and a dining room and a den AND a library anyway. Besides, what would I do with all that space?

I can remember anything else too exciting that we did. I just remember the random cuteness of the kids. Spencer called them both “gama” and absolutely would not be convinced to call Jerry “papa” And I quote “NO! Gama, gama GAMA!” He also liked to point at me and say “mommy” then to Matt and say “daddy” then to gama and gama.

Emma loved both of them, but clearly, and very vocally loved Grandma more. “I love you Grandpa, but I love Grandma more”. “No Grandpa, you can’t sit next to me, I love Grandma MORE!” “Mommy, I want to go with Daddy (to drop them off at the airport) because I love Grandma more.”

Lucy enjoyed their visit as well. But she also did her fair share of moping and talking back to them and not just me. It makes me sad for when she is a teenager and won’t be excited for their company anymore.

Matt and I spent the majority of the time trying to convince them to move out here.

The week went by too quickly (and not just because while they were here, my dishes were always sparkling and the floor was swept 4 times a day) and on Monday Matt took them back to the airport. Spencer and Emma both wanted to go with him, so with Lucy in school, I had the house to myself. I thought I would enjoy the time by myself, but it turns out that 8 hours with no children at home is just weird and makes me sad. I need at least one here to keep me from missing them so much.

Matt called me on the way home to tell me that Spencer was sick and had thrown up twice. So we spent the last three days taking care of a vomiting and feverish baby boy. Matt didn’t have to work on Tuesday either and I am so glad because that was the worse of Spencer’s illness and Matt was the only one who could keep him happy (he is Daddy’s boy all the way). Yesterday Emma threw up a couple times, but she seems a little better now. I kept Lucy home from school just in case.

Spencer isn’t totally back to normal, but he’s walking around (instead of falling asleep on the couch all day) and I am going to spend the next 24 hours pumping him full of bread, cheese and any other fattening food I can get my hands on. It turns out when your 25 pounds, two days of not eating can make a BIG difference in how you look. Poor boy is as skinny as a rail. But he’s happy and playing again. Tomorrow he’ll be back to running nonstop and leaving a mess in his wake.

I’m really hoping that this runny nose I have will not continue turn in to what he had, but if it does, hopefully it will wait until Saturday when Matt is home.

On another note. Sophie has joined us on our diet. Vet says she’s too fat. And she can’t run with me until she looses weight because she might hurt herself. So we’ve been measuring her food and only giving her carrots to eat as snacks. She’s an even worse begger than normal and gives me pathetic looks every time I load the dish washer or put food in the trash. When I gaver her a carrot yesterday she turned to me as if to say “you’re kidding, right?”

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