White Bread Conspiracy

When I first went grocery shopping so that I could get lunch stuff for Lucy, she begged and begged and begged for white bread. “Just one bag, for my first day of school!!??” So I gave in, because it’s cheaper and we were running low on our food budget. So what happens when I bring home a loaf of white bread? My whole family goes crazy, Lucy actually eats her crust, Emma eats more than what she leaves, and Matt goes on and on about how wonderful the toast is “Can we please have at least one loaf of white bread in the house all the time?”

Well, of course I want to say “No, are you kidding? This is a treat for Lucy, 100% whole wheat bread is healthier, we’ve got all that wheat in the basement and I am going to use it, you don’t want to get stopped up do you? Don’t you want to be healthy?” But since I had an egg sandwich in my mouth (made with cheap supermarket brand white bread) I nodded vigorously since it was the best egg sandwich I had had in years.

So the other day, we were out of bread entirely, out of food budget entirely and had two more days to get through before Matt got paid. So as a treat to my sweet family, I pulled out Grandma Wilson’s homemade white bread recipe.

Have you ever walked 9 miles in stilettos and then pulled on a nice old pair of sneakers for the last one? Then You know what that first slice of white bread out of the oven tasted like. I almost died it was so good. So light, so fluffy! We quickly downed one loaf and finished the other one the next day, so last night, I made more. It rose better (even lighter, even fluffier) it was the most beautiful thing I have seen in my life!

I’m going to have to make more tonight probably, because we are already one loaf down.

Why is can’t ultra healthy power foods taste like my homemade white bread? I swear I could live on only that if I needed to.

Hey! Get off my case!!! I’ll eat white bread if I want to! I don’t care! And now I’ll only have to change a poopy diaper once a week? What isn’t to like about that?

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