Who loves her boots?

Ah, that would be me. Time for a little commercial. Do you like boots? Do you like Slippers? Are UGGS and other Australian made sheepskin boots insanely too expensive? Well, why buy boots from Australia when you can buy boots from China. Just as comfortable and just as cute but a fraction of the price. And how much would you be paying for these stylish foot covers? $150, $125, $99.95? No, just one easy payment of $35.99 plus shipping and handling! You’ll never wear anything else again! Just click HERE

Ok guys. All jokes aside. I LOVE my new boots. I needed winter boots since I live in Maine after all, and didn’t have any. I hate shoes with laces and I needed something cute enough to wear to church (yes these ARE cute enough to wear to church). I searched high and low and kept coming back to the UGGS classic. Well, I am certainly not willing to shell out $180 on anything other than running shoes. For crying out loud, it’s not like I would be living in them. So I searched ebay for some knockoffs. And after reading reviews and price/picture comparing, I finally decided that I would get the cheapest genuine sheepskin boots I could find, and then if they fell apart on me or if I hated them I would shell out the big bucks next time. For those of you who know me, you know I hate shoes. I would wear my flip flops all year long if I could. I also hate to be barefoot in the house for fear of crumbs and water drips getting on my feet (nothing worse). So I either wear my flips or my slippers in the house. I took my boots out on their maiden voyage the day all my car doors froze shut. I am being completely honest when I tell you that I freaked every time I went outside because I thought I still had my slippers on. I would look down and realize I had on my boots and I would laugh. I have taken to wearing them around the house. Seriously, who wears their winter boots around the house? And as an added bonus, since they are genuine sheepskin on the inside, you don’t have to wear socks! I just slip them on my bare feet and go. I’ve worn them with jeans, skirts, and super short running shorts and they always make me look even better. There you go, magic boots. Now here is my disclaimer, they are not work boots. Don’t expect any arch or ankle support. If I had one complaint it would be that the sole to the right shoe was patched together so I felt a seam on the middle of my foot, but after five minutes of wearing them I didn’t feel it anymore. And I can’t even feel it now if I tried. I LOVE MY BOOTS and I DO live in them.

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